Bachelorstudium in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik


Semiconductor Optics

Labs / Library

We store some books of the SuUB in our library. On this page you can find an overview about our books.


Reference Library

Our reference library (Präsenzbestand) is located in W4100.
Contact: PD Dr. Kathrin Sebald

  • Shelfmark TB: Textbooks, also listed in the SUUB catalog (Dauerleihgaben Gutowski).
  • Shelfmarks GuPIP, Intern: Internally purchased titles, proceedings, theses, ...
<b>Name</b> <b>Phone</b> <b>Room</b>
Excimer-dye nanosecond 62211 S4100
Ultrafast spectroscopy 62212 S4090
Microphoto- luminescence 62213 S4080
Standard characterization 62622 S4210
Farfield characterization 62621 S4200
Focused ion beam / SEM 3605 M0040
Chemical preparation 62214 S4170
Workshop 62620 S4180
Optics repository / Students 62623 S4220