Bachelorstudium in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Open Positions Semiconductor Optics Group

Diploma and Bachelor/Master Students

We are continuously offering opportunities for experimental diploma, bachelor and master thesis projects in the field of semiconductor optics. Please have a look on the research pages to get a feeling for our activities and don't hesitate to ask each of us for details, for a lab-tour, or join us for lunch.

If you are interested in experimental work in the field of optics and laser spectroscopy please contact Prof. Jürgen Gutowski or PD Dr. Kathrin Sebald for a project proposal. We expect some advanced background in solid state physics ("Wahlpflichtfach Festkörperphysik", mandatory in future for Bachelor/Master thesis candidates, please ask Prof. Gutowski ("Wahlfachberater") for further information).

What do you deal with and what will you learn?

  • Modern methods of spatial- and/or time-resolved laser spectroscopy (up to ultrafast processes)
  • Basics of semiconductor optoelectronics (light-emitting diodes, laser diodes) for visible to UV wavelengths
  • Physics of nanostructures (nanowires and quantum dots)
  • Computer-aided data acquisition and processing, basic modelling for the interpretation of the results
  • Intense cooperation with other solid-state (theory) groups in-house
  • Cooperation with research groups at other universities

Some topics for Bachelor/Master thesis:

  • Funktionalisierung von ZnO-Nanodrähten mit kolloidalen Quantenpunkten
  • oCVD-Beschichtung von Nanodraht-Feldern mit leitfähigen Polymeren
  • Untersuchung des optischen und elektrischen Einschlusses in Halbleiterlaserstrukturen
  • Synthese, Beschichtung und Analyse von Silber-Nanopartikeln auf Halbeiterproben
  • Wachstum von ZnO-Nanodraht-Arrays für LEDs
  • Optimierung der Leitfähigkeit von Polymerfilmen auf ZnO-Substraten