Bachelorstudium in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik

Semiconductor Optics Group

Dr. Alejandra Castro-Carranza

University of Bremen
Institute of Solid State Physics
- Semiconductor Optics -
Otto-Hahn-Allee NW1
D-28359 Bremen



Main research interests:


  • Investigation of optical and electrical properties of Zinc Oxide nanowire-based semiconductor structures for optoelectronic and sensing applications.
  • Design, fabrication, characterization, and modeling of electrical properties of organic and hybrid nanostructures.
  • Transport mechanisms in organic and hybrid solar cells, field effect transistors and metal-insulator-semiconductor diodes.
  • Device simulation and development of compact models of electronic devices to be implemented in advanced TCAD and EDA tools for circuit design. 



Study of the electrical properties of ZnO nanowire/organic semiconductor blends for application in optoelectronic devices


Activities developed in the Project:


  • Synthesis of nanowires (chemical synthesis)
  • Functionalized nanowire surfaces (colloidal quantum dots, polymers, metal nanoparticles)
  • Nanowire/polymer heterostructures for solar cells
  • Electrical and optical characterization of nanowires to study the surface properties and the density of states.

Curriculum Vitae


Since October 13

University of Bremen, Germany
Marie-Curie postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Solid State Physics
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gutowski


Feb. 13 – Sep. 13

SILVACO, inc. / Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Benjamín Iñíguez


February 13

Graduation ‘Dr. Ing’, Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.


April 12 – Sept. 12


“Implementation of the UMEM-based compact charge and capacitance model for OFETs (UBCM) on the mixed-signal simulator SMASH from Dolphin Integration Inc.”.

Dr. Gilles Depeyrot.


Sept. 10 – Nov. 10

IMEP-LACH Laboratories, MINATEC-INP Grenoble, France.

Research stay

“Characterization and modeling of OTFTs made of novel organic materials”.

Prof. Dr. Gèrard Ghibaudo.


Nov 09 – Feb 10


Research stay

“Fabrication, characterization and modeling of upper contact OTFTs”

Prof. Dr. Magali Estrada / Prof. Dr. Antonio Cerdeira.


August 08 – Feb 13

Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain.

Doctorate student at the Department of Electrical, Electronics and Automation Engineering (DEEEA)

Dr. Josep Pallarès and Dr. Benjamín Iñíguez


August 08

Graduation ‘Electronics Engineer’, Technological Institute of Morelia, Mexico

Graduated by high grade point average GPA.


July 03 - August 08

 Technological Institute of Morelia, Mexico

 Student of Electronics Engineering in Power Electronics

Selected publications



  • A. Castro-Carranza, M. Estrada, A. Cerdeira, J.C. Nolasco, J. Sánchez, L.F. Marsal, B. Iñiguez, and J. Pallarès, “Compact capacitance model for OTFTs at low and medium frequencies”, IEEE Trans. Electron Dev., Vol. 61, No. 2 Special Issue, pp. 638-642 (2014).


  • M. Estrada, F. Ulloa, M. Avila, J. Sanchez, A. Cerdeira, A. Castro-Carranza, B. Iñiguez, L.F. Marsal, and J. Pallarés, “Frequency and voltage dependence of the capacitance of MIS structures fabricated with polymeric materials”, IEEE Trans. Electron Dev., Vol. 60, No. 6, pp. 2057-2063 (2013).


  • C.H. Kim, A. Castro-Carranza, M. Estrada, A. Cerdeira, Y. Bonnassieux, G. Horowitz, and B. Iñiguez “A compact model for organic field-effect transistors with improved output asymptotic behaviors”  IEEE Trans. Electron Dev., Vol. 60, No.3, pp.1136-1141 (2013).


  • A. Castro-Carranza, J.C. Nolasco, M. Estrada, R. Gwoziecki, M. Benwadih, Y. Xu, A.  Cerdeira, L.F. Marsal, G. Ghibaudo, B. Iñiguez, and J. Pallares, “Effect of density of states on mobility in small-molecule n-type organic thin-film transistors based on a perylene diimide” IEEE Electron Dev. Lett., Vol.33, No.8, pp.1201-1203 (2012).


  • A. Castro-Carranza, M. Estrada, A. Cerdeira, J.C. Nolasco, B. Iñiguez, J. Pallares, “OTFT bias dependent capacitance compact model in accumulation regime” IET Circuits, Devices and Syst., Vol. 6, No. 2, pp.130-135 (2012).   


  • A. Castro-Carranza, J. C. Nolasco, M. Estrada, B. Iñiguez, A. Cerdeira, L. Marsal, R. Picos, and J. Pallarès “Study of frequency dispersion effects to consider in a capacitance model for OTFTs” Proceedings of the 2011 Spanish Conference on Electron Devices. Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-7863-7




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